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Rosa is young woman struggling to find her own identity after coming to terms with the death of her parents. Her life has been turned upside down leaving Mexico under a dark cloud in a crime protection programme with her two brothers Jesus and Dani. 

‘ROSA’, the latest novel by author Lyndon Haynes is available to purchase now via Amazon.

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Lyndon Haynes

My name is Lyndon Haynes I am a three  time published author my newest novel called ROSA was released in July 2021. I have two prior titles This Functional Family and The Life and Times of Stanley Spank which were published in 2011 and 2015 respectively.  I have a Masters degree in writing for screen and stage graduating from Regents University in 2015.
I have written a competition winning play called The Weather Girl which was produced and performed in the Harlow playhouse, I also directed a play called A home from home  written by Mariama Ives -Moiba as part of the 6 degrees showcase at The Courtyard theatre in London.

I have also written screenplay projects which I envision producing for screen and film.

My background was formerly in music having over twenty five years in the music business firstly as part of a band called The Sindecut who were signed to Virgin Records in 1990. I have also recorded and worked in New York with many major artists and producers.

I create stories that have elements of intrigue drama and romance which are set in an arena of inner cities or urban settings. I love to create characters who the audience can invest in and understand their journey and story.

Lyndon Haynes
Author, Writer, Director, Rapper

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